A sermon preached on February 21, 2016 based on Luke 15:1-10

What Jesus really wants, he tells us in this parable. God, in Christ,  wants us to celebrate the newly found, in God’s grace.
Being found out by the one who seeks us can be alarming. those that have been found, that did not know they were lost, like the pharisees, everyday church goers, (not the sheep or the coin) can be put out when we see it happen to others. We know God is relentless in God’s search for God’s beloved. To see God spare no  detail in the search for someone that seems small and insignificant  illustrates that God’s love is almost irritating on a regular day, but it is vital on days of struggling with loss and being lost.  
    The teaching of Jesus is not about being lost, but rather finding the  joy in always being in God’s grace.  Joy, not judgement,  is the central emotion of God, especially in Luke’s story of Jesus life. This gospel is not content to merely joice, but to be so joyful at God’s persistent love that we REjoice over and over at being found in God’s love.  Sharing in that Joy  founded in God, makes us less angry about others getting away with whats never been mine and opens our hearts to the truth that in God’s great gathering of all, we are better people together.
    So lets grow better at our ability to celebrate the Joy.  God wants for everybody at being found in God’s love.